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Spider crab and ginger sponge

Cut slices of CorpaChef Spider Crab Cake 1.5cm thick and set to one side. Make a sponge with eggs, sugar, flour, salt and powdered ginger. Bake and cut into rectangles of 4 cm x 7 cm, 1.5 cm high. Prepare an orange juice, add orange liqueur, sugar and boil, finally adding agar-agar. Pour the mix onto a silicone mat to form a thin lamina and set aside in a cool place. Cut the cake to the same size as the sponge. First whip the sponge, then the cake and cover with the lamina of orange jelly and some salmon roe. Finish off with a shellfish sauce and a mix of dressed herbs and bean sprouts.


5 eggs
90g of sugar
100g of flour
5g of powdered ginger
220g of orange juice
30g of orange liqueur
2g of agar-agar
salmon roe