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About us

CorpaChef has been producing since 1990 gourmet products for the catering industry.

An innovative company with a clear goal: to offer our clients the best seafood-, fish- and meat-based products, with packaging solutions which will help create top-of-the-range dishes and appetizers.

Three manufacturing lines: semi-preserves, ready-made and pre-cooked dishes which result in top-of-the-range semi-prepared products which will leave time for professionals to create and evolve in the kitchen.

Refrigerated products

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Cod brandade



Spanish white anchovies in vinegar

Albacore tuna with piquillo peppers fish terrine

Sous vide cooked octopus

Frozen products

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25-gram cylindrical croqueta

18-gram round ball

Stuffed peppers

CORPACHEF en la Feria Alimentaria 2019


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