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About us

Corpa Corp. Pascual Hnos SA was founded in 1990 in Lasarte (Guipuzcoa, Spain) with the goal of making a range of sea products with high-quality raw materials and always respecting the flavours and textures of the fish, seafood, vegetables, etc. This is how the first products originated: tuna preserves, spider crab stuffing, black-ink squid and several other products for the catering industry.

Over the years, the range of pre-cooked products has been adjusted and we introduced the frozen-product family, always with the intention of offering products of the same standard of those that would be prepared in a restaurant.

Later we created the Bahía de la Concha brand with packing solutions suitable for shops.

Nowadays, under the brands CorpaChef, for the catering industry, and Bahía de la Concha, for specialised shops, we manufacture three product families.

Semi-preserves such as Cantabrian white anchovies and anchovies, ready-made dishes such as fish and seafood terrines, fish soups or brandade and a premium pre-cooked products family where our delicious croquetas are the stars.

Over the years we have modernised the processes, we have created the R&D Department and we have modernided offices and facilities to adapt to our clients´ requirements.

A more modern company than that of 1990 but with the same goal as on the day of its creation: to offer a premium-quality range of products respecting the flavours and textures of traditional cuisine.