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Caesar´s snack

Prepare 1 fillet of Corpa anchovy on plastic film, roll out slightly with a roller and set to aside. Prepare some cylinders of pre-baked bread, place on baking trays and bake till goldened at 180ºC. Prepare some mayonnaise with sunflower oil, olive oil, egg yolks, two eggs, Dijon mustard, 1 small spoonful of sherry vinegar and another of salt. Place in a foam siphon, add the N2O capsule, shake and keep in the cold store. Prepare some Parmesan cheese tuiles on a silicone baking mat. Arrange a leaf of Tudela lettuce heart on a cocktail spoon, dress with vinegar, wrap an anchovy around the bread cylinder and place on the green leaf. Fill the cylinder with the mayonnaise foam and finish with the cheese tuile and black salt flakes.


CorpaChef anchovy
  pre-baked bread
  200ml of sunflower oil
  50ml of olive oil
  3 egg yolks
  2 eggs
  10g of Dijon mustard
  1 small spoonful of sherry vinegar
  1 small spoonful of salt
  leaf of Tudela lettuce heart
  N2O capsule
  cheese tuile
  black salt flakes